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You Were Made For This

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

As we travel through life wondering about; we are met with trials, tribulations, heartache, rejection and more that is meant to break us. Our self-worth, wisdom and values are challenged. You find our who’s in your corner and willing to stand with you. The wheat and tare separate, and we begin to realize what matters most. We were bought with a price. You are an heir of God and a fellow heir with Christ.

Before you were born God already knew the pressures of life, we would be able to handle. He knew how much He could push us before we would rise up and fight back. Like grapes which take on another form when pressure is applied, so do you. The grape goes from being a solid to a liquid under pressure.

We become depressed, oppressed, heavy laden and troubled to feeling superhuman. In every turn, we realize there is a strength in us that won’t allow us to quit. We realize that we are equipped to handle every battle due to being in the Master’s hands.

From anger to joy, from pain to purpose, you embrace every battle and the needed grace because we are made for this. We realize God was and still is with us. In our weakest moments He became our strength. Pressure upon pressure applied as we battled through, and the crushing did not break us; it built us. Like the Six Million Dollar Man we became stronger, faster, unbreakable and nothing deters us from our assignment. It becomes easier to sit in the presence of the Almighty and remain focused on our task. We rush to spend time with Him and do not want to leave His presence. There is much joy in our hearts and in our anticipated visitation from Abba. We rush to our meeting place and begin to worship. All of our troubles melt away, we forget about the bills, the person that cut us off in traffic, the children that are not acting right and the mishaps of the day. We dig deeper to achieve another realm of glory in Him and with Him. As the tears stream down, things begin to break off. Our heart softens and turns from stone to flesh. Strongholds break, freedom and the oneness we desired to have with God overtakes us. We were made to be broken to be placed on the Potter’s wheel to become whole again. There must be a crushing before the breakthrough prevails. There’s a newfound strength, peace, and joy deep down we’ve always yearned for. It’s been bestowed upon us…Now what?

What are you willing to do to be perfected in God’s hands? Hold on and let Him work in, on and through you.

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