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Meet Retta

Entrepreneur, mom, published author, and inspirational speaker

If you had told Retta Timmons what her life would look like today, she would not have believed you. She was focused on her pain, and could not see beyond the past trials, betrayal, and deep 
hurt she felt. Retta found herself stuck in many cycles - lacking self-worth, having low self-esteem, as well as mental and emotional anxiety. As a result, Retta began longing for freedom and relief, from the intrusive thoughts and memories of past trials she experienced. There were many changes and decisions needing to be made and fast. Such as how Retta saw herself, what she believed about herself, and what she believed she deserved or could have. Timmons began to dig herself out of the hole she found herself in, using the tools and systems she created. 

With great dedication, empathy, determination, and passion, Retta set out to help every broken woman who would allow her, utilizing the systems she created from her own struggles. Using those systems proved successful and helped Retta pull many women out of their comfort zones of complacency, survival, and settling. Timmons has become a trusted voice in the coaching world and around the globe, because of her authentic approach. She leads with compassion and loves to see the transformation her clients undergo, when they fully utilize her systems. Retta knows personally what it feels like to think you are alone and she thrives in showing her clients they are not. This is because she had to learn and experience it personally, before she could assist any other woman grasp it. As a Breakthrough Coach and Mental Health Designer, Retta Timmons uses her passion and experience to teach bound women to discover their identity and purpose. From there, she gives them the tools and systems necessary to walk in who they were created to be. Then, she helps them to fully transform their lives. Timmons is also a Certified 
Mental Health Coach, through Light University. Additionally, she has earned several certifications via the Roper Victim Assistance Academy, to further aid victims in healing.  

Retta Timmons is a woman of wisdom and a Published Author. Her books entitled “A Beautiful Tragedy” and “The Metamorphosis of Healing Journal”, are instruments of change in people’s 
lives. Timmons’ voice is one of hope, transformation, and healing to anyone she encounters. Retta is authentic, relatable, and steps in to assist anyone needing help with transforming their lives. No matter where you see her, she is “Always Retta” and remains consistent. As a client, you have access to all this and so much more when working with Retta Timmons.


Healing plus purpose equals transformation and Retta is more than able to help you accomplish that. If you need help transforming your life, contact her to find out how Retta can help you today! 

Secrecy will kill you and transparency will heal you

Retta Timmons

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