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To Live A Healed, Restored, and Purposeful Life

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A Beautiful Tragedy

The Metamorposis
of Healing

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Meet Retta Timmons

Entrepreneur, mom, published author, and inspirational speaker

If you had told Retta Timmons what her life would look like today, she would not have 

believed you. She was focused on her pain, and could not see beyond the past trials, 

betrayal, and deep hurt she felt.

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From My Blog

Retta's blog will serve as a transformative resource, empowering readers with uplifting stories, invaluable insights, and practical tools to overcome obstacles, unlock their true potential, and live a life of purpose and fulfillment.


Wanda M.

 "What I found most amazing was her unapologetic ownership of her story, her grace and poise, and her dedication to helping others by reliving her life's journey."

Natasha D.

"Working with Ms. Timmons helped me realize that my healing was deeper than the surface. She helped me to see I can be loved even with my trauma." 

Tomeca D.P.

"Ms. Retta Timmons, I would say she  is a child after Gods heart, her resilience and faith is a testament to her character. Retta  transparency speaks to the heart of many Women and Men. Knowing that they're not alone."

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