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Secrecy will kill you but transparency will heal you.


          A Beautiful Tragedy, from author Retta Timmons, shares how family secrets (generational curses) travel through the bloodline until someone is born to break them. This journey shares how guilt, shame, secrets, and symptoms can wreak havoc in your life if you allow it to. 


          Trauma causes you to make bad decisions due to mental and emotional instability. You can be redeemed and made whole through God's love and forgiveness. 


          Stop living in the shadows of victimization and allow your superhero cape to flow. Allow what took place in A Beautiful Tragedy to thrust you out of the pit of darkness and into the loving arms of God. Increase your faith so you can release what you're holding onto so you can begin to heal.


          You can overcome anything by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of your testimony.


          When will you rise and stop living defeated?

When will you realize how amazing you are and that you have purpose?



Stand up, share your story and break free. 

A Beautiful Tragedy book cover
Metamorphosis of Healing journal cover