How often do you reflect on your day to day life? When you do, is there one particular thing that reappears frequently? Well for me, mine use to be the abuse that I saw and suffered. I held on to my past like it was the last meal I would ever eat. I savored and reflected and reflected and savored, only to find myself falling more and more into depression, sin and self-hate, just to name a few. I wallowed and swam in it. I hugged it and loved it into misery. You could not tell me I was not healthy or I was not living a great life. Boy, was I wrong.

Holding on to your past hurt, pain, trials and tragedies, cause more damage than you could ever believe. Did you know that if you continue to hold on to your past, you will never reach your intended future. Your future is so much greater than your past and you must realize that. You have to release the hurt, the pain, the guilt and shame. Those addictions must be released and you must come out of agreement with them. As long as you continue to remain in agreement with anything that is wicked and unpure, you will not flourish.

Maybe you like the pain, the improper attention, the guilt, shame and so many other things that you have lived with for way too long. When will you stop answering the door of your painful past? When will you kick the hurt and pain to the curb? Let it go, let it go! Let go of everything that hurts you, NOW.  You have suffered long enough and deserve to move forward. You have come such a long way and should not want to turn back. You deserve so much, but you have to want it.

Peace, joy, abundant living, success, a sound mind, and a strong relationship with God, are some of the things you should desire to have. Guess what? You can have all of that and more if you release your past. All your past does is hold you back and not allow you to see your true authentic self or realize all the potential you have inside yourself. There is nothing like being free and being able to love yourself completely. When will you stop answering? I have.

Positive thoughts, positive affirmations and the greatest tools of all, Jesus and the Holy Bible. These are the tools that aided me in healing, being delivered and getting on the right path to a healthy life. I held on for quite some time to everything that was killing me inside. I hope that you all will learn how to let go, be free and live the most amazing live ever. I can’t wait to see what changes you make to become POWERFUL and live!!!!!!

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