Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat. Fearlessness is being without fear, bold and brave.

Growing up in South Carolina, I was fearful of almost everything. We were chased by dead snakes, fish heads and many other things. Why did those things scare me when they were rendered powerless?

That is how you should look at fear, as powerless. Why are you afraid of failure? Attempting to build a business, work on your credit, establishing opportunities, come with the advantage of failing. Yes, I said advantage. If you never attempt to do it, you don’t know if it will work or not.

God says in the book of Timothy, “God did not give us the spirit of fear: but of power, love and a sound mind.” The best way to beat your fears is to face them head on. If you are scared to go parasailing, do it! If you think your business will fail, do it. What do you lose if it fails? You actually gain knowledge of what worked best and what did not.

You have the power to succeed or fail, because you did not try or you did try. Don’t allow anything or anyone to intimidate you. God has given you gifts and talents to complete anything you desire to do. Stop running and face your fears!

Take the time to write your fears down and what it is that makes you afraid. Write what you think can be done to overcome that fear. You have to power to succeed and conquer that fear. What are you waiting for?

Peace and Blessings,
Always Retta
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Source: I’ve Got the Power!!