We are all familiar with Tina Turner and her above titled song. Now let me ask you this, how familiar are you with the spirits that are attached to being sexually abused? Some wonder why that little girl is so promiscuous or why her style of dress changed or why she is so much into wearing makeup now. People never consider that someone may have stolen her innocence. They speak quickly without thought, saying, “She is fast or she is too hot in her pants. We never know what has taken place or make her comfortable enough to build a relationship and inquire if anything has happened to her.

It may not be easy to identify when the innocence of a child has been stolen, or is it. As stated above, the change of dress along with the change of demeanor occurs. We could attach it to them seeing things on television or being in the vicinity of adult conversations. When the innocence of a child has been taken, they are opened up to things that could destroy them. They either desire to explore their sexuality more indepth or they become a recluse. In either situation, pay attention. It also does not help if the child has no strong male figure to show her how a man is suppose to treat her.

Your young daughter, who had hardly any interest in makeup, now wants to wear makeup daily. Something in the psyche tells her that due to this tragedy taking place, it has made her a woman. Not realizing she is still a girl or young lady but had someone who is sick, take her innocence away. As she grows older, the urges to explore become broader and quite careless. Any person that gives her the desired attention, wins. It goes from flirting, to possibly taking nudes, to stripping(private dancer) to prostitution or a mixture of things.

Let me share a little of what I encountered. I began being fondled at a very early age and then molested by my aunt’s boyfriend. The older I turned, the more sexual I became. I got into modeling and laid on many casting couches believing whatever was said to me. I had no self-w0rth, low self-esteem and no self love. I was receiving attention and having sex with any and everyone. It later turned into me performing at private parties, more bachelor parties than anything. The private parties led to prostituting myself for money I did not even need.

Although, I never popped pills, snorted or shot up any type of drugs, I was still an addict. I was a sex addict. There were days I would have multiple sexual partners in a day and other days I would be with one person and have sex multiple times that day until I was sore or they were tired. It was not because I wanted to, but because I thought that was what would make the other person happy and keep liking me. Although the private parties did not last too long, I  quickly grew tired of having to drink until I was literally drunk to perform and then have sex with the soon to be groom. When you have no idea what life is really like and the spirits that dwell inside you, do what I did. I began to read. It took me well into my forties to realize that multiple spirits were dwelling in me.

The spirits of abandonment, lust, perversion, rejection, self-rejection and multiple other spirits had taken over. I compared myself to others and wondered why I was never happy with myself. When you have sexual intercourse with someone, you are biblically considered to be married to them. You have two souls that become one. Spirits may transfer one by one or they come in groups. Lust and perversion are generally always together. In order to extract these spirits, you must find the root of the spirit and cast it out. If you don’t repent and cast the spirits out, they will attract other spirits. Homosexuality, Lesbianism, pornography, perversion and many other spirits come from being molested or raped.

If you ever want to get back to your true self, READ!!!!! There are many books on spiritual warfare and deliverance. Another way to get rid of the demons that dwell in you from your experience with sexual abuse is to pray and fast. Light and darkness cannot dwell in the same place. If you want your happiness, peace, love, joy and a fulfilling life, you have to become free.

The only private dancing you should be doing is for your future husband. Remember that God loves you and so do I.

Peace and Blessings,
Always Retta
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