One of the greatest machines ever created is our mind(brain). It was actually the first computer created. Our minds are capable of retaining and compartmentalizing so much information. Our brain is responsible for various things in our bodies, such as movement, digestion, our personalities, memories and how we see things in the world.

Our body is affected by our brain and our thoughts. If we think unhappy, negative thoughts, it can cause illness in our bodies along with other things. If we think happy thoughts, it causes us to have a more positive outlook on things and more likely to succeed at what we desire.

First, let me  be very clear about what I am about to say. How you see yourself, your life and the details of it, are what you get. You cannot have a negative mindset and expect to live a prosperous life. You cannot expect to succeed, move forward or to gain your hearts desires when you think negatively. Lets take me for example, because I know myself and can only speak about me.

Most of you know I was sexually abused growing up and survived domestic violence as well. My thoughts of myself, my family, my finances and literally everything around me was negative. Not only was I negative, but I did not believe that I deserved better. What happened to me? Well, when you live in an environment that does not celebrate or encourage you, you take things as is or worse. Never did I believe I deserved the best of anything. I did not think highly of myself at all, why should I, my purity and innocence was taken at such an early age and no one poured in to me. I did not have a caregiver or a family member that told me I was kind, I was smart or beautiful.

The only times I was provided with encouraging words was when someone wanted to have sex with me. No one, other than those that wanted me for sex told me how beautiful or sexy I was, and that was because they wanted something from me. No one told me how smart I was or that I could achieve anything I desired to do. My father had no idea I could sing, until I asked my mom to listen to a recording I was working on and my father did not believe it was me, until my mom told him it was several different times.

See your mind controls so much of what you think and do. Could things have been different for me, absolutely. If I had positive reinforcement, positive events and thoughts, my life would have been different a long time ago. I would have thought more highly of myself, I would not have remained in ‘Victim’ mode so long, I would have loved and adored myself sooner, I would respected my complete being sooner, I would have understood my greatness and destiny sooner.

Don’t stay trapped in the negative thoughts and affects of your mind. Free yourself from negative thoughts, negative people, negative issues and negative places. When you completely release every negative aspect and begin to fill it with positive things, your entire life changes. You become more aware, you are filled with joy and peace, You feel like Rocky Balboa when he reached the top of the steps at the museum. When you begin to walk and work in a positive state, everything around you falls into a positive light. Shed that negative weight and begin to walk lighter.

No  more negative self-talk, no more low self-esteem, no more self-hate, no more letting people manipulate you. Hold your head up, learn who you are and how great you are. Encourage and speak well of yourself and to yourself. If you don’t have anyone to encourage or lift you up, I am here for you.

Peace and Blessings,
Always Retta
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