One of my all time favorite artist is Oleta Adams. She has this deep, sultry voice that belts out the most beautiful tones. Oleta has a hit song that I love titled “Everything Must Change.” Some of the lyrics of the song are “Everything must change, nothing stays the same. Everyone will change, no one stays the same. The young become the old and mysteries do unfold, ’cause that’s the way of time, nothing and no one goes unchanged.”

This song holds an even greater value to me today, because the song speaks the truth and I had to encounter many changes. My attitude had to change, my mindset had to change, my outlook on life had to change, my level of spirituality and relationships had to change. I wanted to change, but I had no idea how to do it. My mind, heart and spirit were stuck on  broken. I was the victim and the world owed me everything so I thought. That was the farthest thing from the truth. Molestation and double-mindedness will have your head in a whirlwind.

The major change that was necessary for me, was the change of mindset. Low self-esteem, lack of confidence, poverty and a prideful mindset were just a few of the things that were necessary for me to change so I could get on the proper path that God established for me. I had to get out of my own way and begin to work on me. I would play a very large part in my healing process. Where do I start? How do I change? Where did all this negativity come from? I was holding on to so much bitterness, anger and hostility. I am truly surprised  that I made it this far.

First, I had to make the decision that I wanted to change. I was tired of being friendless, angry, broke and broken. I was tired of using my body to get absolutely nothing, which is not what it is for. My change demanded that I take action. It was necessary to remove myself from people that were not good for me. I was needy and very afraid of being alone, abandoned and rejected yet again, but changes were needed. How would I ever lead, help to heal or create change in the earth when I was stuck. Change was mandatory not just for myself, but those I was placed here to help.

My mindset was jacked up since childhood. You can only fight for so long until you just release and not in a good way. How do you reel in everything you have dealt with and realize that you have been mentally imprisoned? Please don’t think it will be a quick change. It could take months to years to change your mindset depending upon how sick you are. It also depends on how many other spirits have attached themselves to you. You may be fighting multiple spirits…depression, low self-esteem, lust, perversion, double-mindedness, rejection, pride, and poverty, okay you get the picture. Yes, I was dealing with all of these spirits plus some.

You must want change, have determination and have a relationship with God. I wanted change, but God and I were on the outs, well, I was on the outs with Him. I was in a state of why me, when will it be my turn, when will I get this, why did you allow that to happen to me, until I realized I needed him more and more. I could not change alone.

I needed to know who God made me to be and why he made me. I knew I was strong because most people would have committed suicide with all that I had endured. God was waiting for me to change my mindset, my relationship with him which helped me to mature spiritually. No good thing will come while you live in a negative bubble. Why, might you ask? Here it is. With the negative mindset and spirit, you are speaking death unto yourself. You are speaking those things you see and feel, instead of speaking those things as you want them to be. Yes, I just paraphrased it for a better understanding.

Do not continue to say that you are broke or you do not have. First, be grateful for all that you have, because there is someone who is much worse off than you. Secondly, learn how to rephrase and reframe your thoughts and words. Learning to rephrase allows you to speak positively. Another way to say that you don’t have money is, “I’m facing temporary cash flow issues.” or “I’m choosing to spend my money elsewhere.” If you truly take a look around you, you are not broke.

You have shelter, food, running water, a vehicle (possibly), clothes and everything else you need to survive. When you change your thought process and the words in which you speak, you change your mindset and your outcome. Again, we are talking about change, which is what we must do in every aspect of our life if we are not happy.

The one thing that you cannot change is what happened to you, but you can change your outlook on it and decide to live a greater life. Abuse can never be removed, but you can accept it, embrace it share it and help some one else to be delivered from it. The longer you hold on to it, the longer you will suffer.

When you are ready to let go, you must be willing to share your story, be honest with yourself about your story, be transparent and be vulnerable. When you do those things, people connect with you and may share their story with you. You then realize that you are not alone. It is very necessary for you to change your mindset, so you can achieve great freedom, inner peace and a life of success.

“Let this mind in me be that which is also in Jesus Christ.” We need and want the mind of Jesus. I thank him daily that he woke me up in my right mind, but I need his thoughts to be my thoughts, I need his words to be my words. I understand that change begins with me and I must work hard to change everything about me that is not pleasing to God. If you don’t know how to change, ask God to help you.

Ask God to send his children which are filled with His spirit, peace, love, wisdom, knowledge and understanding to come into your life. I tried to do it alone, but I could not, which took me a lot longer than I wanted, but I asked God to help me and that is when it changed. God did not place us here to do anything alone, but with him and the vessels he placed here to help you. Change, change and change again. Do not let the spirit of Leviathan(pride) keep you from being healed, delivered and set free.

I pray that on today, you desire change. I pray today that you become bold and ask for change. I pray on today that you are open and ready for change. CHANGE can be yours if you want it. What are you willing to change? What are you willing to do to change?

Remember, everything must change! Change creates a successful, more enjoyable and peaceful life.

In Destiny and Service,
Always Retta

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