Trauma will change your life.

The journey I survived was not just for me. I was the vessel that God used to help others break free. Some of you are still holding on to guilt, shame, and living through turmoil. I hope this book gives you a glimpse of hope and realize that you are not alone.

I hope through my writing you will see that I am not, nor will never be perfect, but I allowed God to mold me into who He created me to be. I made horrible decisions due to my emotional and mental instability but through His love, forgiveness, and redemption I will forever be eternally grateful and know that It was not my fault.

When will you rise up and stop living a defeated life? When will you learn how amazing you are and that you have purpose? Stop living in shadows of victimization and allow your superhero cape to flow in the wind.

Thank you for your support!

Always Retta